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T.J. Grinding, Inc. is one of the Midwest’s leading manufacturers of Solid Carbide Rotary Cutting Tools and has been for nearly 35 years

The entire carbide tool sharpening and repairs industry is backlogged, and for many companies you're forced to wait up to 3 months for your Tool Sharpening and Repair needs. T.J. Grinding, Inc. takes this problem and eliminates it, providing you with exceptional carbide tool sharpening and repairs exactly when you need it.

At T.J. Grinding, Inc., our guarantee is straightforward:

  • All carbide tool sharpening and repairs finished in 2 weeks or less.
  • For us the most important thing is to get your carbide tools sharpened and repaired in the time you need them. We want to help you continue working as fast as possible.
  • We strive to make sure that when returned your carbide tools perform like new.

T.J. Grinding, Inc. offers a full range of sharpening and repair services in either our conventional grinders, or any one of our five axis CNC machines. We sharpen or repair carbide tipped tools, high speed steel tools, and solid carbide cutting tools.

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